Why I cannot use my custom domain on easyxsites.com?

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2 weeks ago

Dear Everyone!

I purchased a domain from namechaep, and already pointed A record to our server IP: However, 72 h has passed, I still failed in connecting my domain name to my account with easyXsites.com. I attached the screen picture shown when I click "dashboard" in my account with easyXsites.com. And I have asked the support team from Namechaep, they told me my operation for pointing A record to IP: is correct, and they asked me to contact my web hosting provider with a request to investigate the issue further. So would you please tell me how can I make my custom domain work with easyxsites.com? or any offical help will be there? Thanks a lot! My email is: huziyienglish1@gmail.com


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